Places and Memories that Come with It

Going to places do NOT excite me, moving to a new place does.

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Dolphin watching 

I was so excited to go and watch dolphins ~ epic failed in trying to get the best shot of the dolphins, as it turned out it was not easy capturing those cuties using just a cellphone camera (the last picture is taken by my husband using a proper Nikon just to compare it)

At some stage, I was taken back by the numbers of boats around and how they (our boat included) had been pursuing all those dolphins.

Some how it struck me on how they must be scared and thought that we were hunting them  Not a nice feeling, same bad feeling I’ve got when I watched my first and last horse race  . I doubt that I will ever do this kind of activities again in the future…

I would not mind watching dolphins and or other animals from a distance but NOT when it involve pursuing them in their own habitat.

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